Important notification For Home buyers and FD Holders:

If you have already filed your claim and your unit number /FD number are appearing in the claims list, then there is no requirement to submit your claims in Form CA again.

Instructions on how to vote

Voting link for Home Buyers & FD holders

For Home Buyers

For FD Holders

For CIRP Queries*, Please call 18001028484

*For getting information on how to fill claim form, contact updates, voting etc. For queries related to construction, please reach out to project wise Customer Relationship Cell.


Please note that merely because the claim may have been filed in a wrong form by a Creditor will not disqualify the claim from being considered.

Further, if any Creditor fails to file proof of claim or complete proof of claim alongwith the form will also not disqualify the claim from being considered. Such proof can be filed at a later date but not later than approval of resolution plan.