Jaypee Infratech Ltd. recognizes that as an expressway and real estate development company, operations have an impact on society and on the environment. In addition to ensuring that operations are conducted efficiently and in a manner that meets governmental environmental standards, the Company is committed in ensuring that the communities where it operates also benefits and develops together . The Jaypee Group, including JIL, have actively participated in the development of the communities where projects are located, which contributes to social and political stability in the areas where it operates.

Jaiprakash Sewa Sansthan is a not-for-profit trust supported by the Jaypee Group that supports socio-economic development and education initiatives through its Comprehensive Rural Development Program. By continuing to strengthen the relationships with the local communities surrounding  Group locations and build support and goodwill among the residents, non-governmental organizations, local government units and other stakeholders, JIL believes that the activities would foster political and social stability in the areas where it operates.

1. CSR Policy

2. Composition of CSR Committee

3. Projects approved by the Board

The Company strongly believes in the concept of a better quality of life for everyone, now and for generations to come, whilst achieving stable economic development. Our vision is a world in which we contribute to provide basic requirements of people such as education, health-care sanitation etc. in an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable way. The Company undertakes Projects for a) Education b) Heath-care c) Sanitation d) any other activities suggested by the CSR Committee from time to time

In view of losses and present financial conditions and in order to preserve the funds to complete the ongoing projects of the Company, no expenditure was incurred on CSR Activities from the financial year 2016-17 onwards.